E-Star Charging Systems

Cryptocurrency for Sustainable Electric Vehicle Charging Solutions


About E-Star

E-Star Charging Systems is a next generation technology project which combines the transactional benefits of a cryptocurrency running on the BSC, efficient and sustainable electric vehicle charging solutions.

Together with our investors, E-Star´s vision is to provide EV charging service with our own stations, which is going to be installed all around the world in different business places like supermarkets, shopping centers, public parkings, gas stations, etc focusing in the Europe market at first. $ESC.

Since it is be to be expected that classical gas stations for gasoline engines will no more be used in the very close future, it is a big goal of E-star to develop sustainable loading parks.

The EU Commission plans to ban all internal combustion engines in 2035 as part of a far-reaching plan. As far as the Federal Office for the Environment knows, being an automobile center in the heart of Europe causes a 22% increase in greenhouse gas emissions or 9,7 tonnes per person.


  • PHASE 1.0

    Set up a founding team. Project naming and brand design. Private sale for investors.

  • PHASE 1.1

    Launch the official website. Promotion. Public presale & launch. E-Star Listed on Pancakeswap.

  • PHASE 2.0

    Certik audit. Partnerships with EV manufacturers & companies. Contracts signs for EV Charge stations allocation.

  • PHASE 3.0

    Mobile App Creation. Software for EVCS Station control. Starting of EVCS installation. Community Meet Up & AMA.

  • PHASE 4.0

    $ESC like payment asset. Exchange Swap. EVCS network expanding. Own Blockchain system. 100.000 EV customers.

How To Get Started

Contract: 0x19498dd618049099d9b2577355feda04fe25e2b1

Create Wallet & Get BNB

Create a Binance Smart Chain address via Metamask or TrustWallet mobile-app. Purchase BNB from any exchange and send it to your personal wallet. BNB must be on the BEP20 network.


Purchase E-Star Token

Visit the Pancakeswap exchange platform and connect your wallet, than set the slippage from 12% to 15% for smoother transaction. Click Swap to confirm and execute the purchase of $ESC.


Hold $ESC & Earn $USDT

The use of BEP20 network allows E-Star to send you automatic $USDT staking rewards to your corresponding wallet. Hold on to your tokens and generate even more, simply from holding.



Our Advantage

Our advantage lies in our reward system, namely
the so-called Multi-Level-Reward-System.

Membership Reward

Holders receive a percentage share of the memberships. This opens a new window of earning potential.

Reward of Finance

Transactions mean economic success for you. The presale of our coins will take place on 01/10/2021.

Reward for Sustainable Success

You will participate not only in the transactions, but also in the sale of electricity.

Digital Business Development Reward

The modern displays of the charging stations represent a new advertising income.

Trading Fee

Holders Distribution

Liquidity Pool

Project Fund

10 mln electric vehicles
1.3 mln new e-cars in 2020
32 GT of co2 emissions PY
33 % of industry growth PY



E-Star token has a built-in tax that is initiated with every transaction; this transactional tax is 4% and is broken down in the redistribution and liquidity.


Our smart contract is designed to redistribute a relative amount of every transaction back to all holders of E-Star in form of BEP-20 USDT. This ensures that investors receive incentives to HOLD oceive incentives to HOLD our token and gain passive income.


As a function of our smart contract, 4% is added to the liquidity pool while every transaction is taxed 4% which is then pushed back into the liquidity pool Some call this “as it helps elevate some of the stresses on the token price from large purchases or sell offs.

Global Use Case

By building public charging stations, E-Star will simplify access and ease range concerns. Additionally, E-Star allows you to plan specific "charging parks". When you join the E-Star App, you will have access to a secure payment system and the ability to find specific stations more efficiently. More on that coming soon...

E-Star is currently making use of the global network it has been operating on to enter into cooperation with the major automotive groups, such as integrating the charging symbols into the navigation system and other ways to become more competitive.

Our Team