The future of e-mobilty charging

e-Star Charging Systems is the next generation efficient and sustainable
electric vehicle charging solution

e-Star global makes electric mobility attractive

With our state-of-the-art e-charging stations with an integrated 49-inch marketing screen, you not only benefit from the sale of electricity, but also from the advertisements on the station. The marketing is done by our in-house marketing agency, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

Furthermore, we at e-Star offer our customers a leasing concept with high acquisition costs of the past. In the end, the charging station does not cost you a cent and brings you a monthly profit. This distinguishes our company from other competitors in the market.


e-Star is not only the best solution for charging station operators, but also for users and customers, since we can sell the electricity to customers significantly cheaper than other providers thanks to the income from marketing.

e-Star combines CPO (Charge Point Operator) and EMP (E-mobility Provider) with additional innovative revenue streams.

The EU Commission plans to no longer allow combustion engines in Europe from 2035 onward. In addition, the regulations on pollutant emissions are becoming ever stricter, so that from 2025 on the Euro 7 emissions standard is imminent.

Most of the major car manufacturers have therefore decided to stop producing combustion engines and devote themselves more and more to e-mobility.

From a single source . . .

Location analyses, profitability concepts, agreements with network operators and authorities, coordination of construction measures, installation, commissioning, backend systems, billing, maintenance and more: you get everything you need from us.

More possibilities . . .

We not only offer you 360 degree service in planning, construction and operation. 

But also attractive extras that turn charging points into feel-good places. Like a coffee or drinks machine, free WiFi, comfortable seating and more. So your customers can use and enjoy the time while charging.

Flexibly expandable . . .

We can do small solutions and big ones. Because we adapt concepts and infrastructure to your needs. We don’t always reinvent the world, we work modularly. 

This gives you cost advantages. And the charging parks/charging solutions are easily expandable.

Simple billing . . .

Of course, we provide up-to-date backend solutions. This enables us to offer a whole range of payment options and simple billing. 

The same applies to real-time monitoring. Another big advantage: Our backend is simple, intuitive and secure.

Safe service . . .

For us, service begins with advice – but it never ends! Because we and our service partners are always there for you. 

With us you can rely on first-class technology. However, if a problem should actually arise, we will react immediately.

Free design . . .

Some of our customers want white label solutions. We’re happy to make that possible. 

In this way, the charging park or your charging solution for the vehicle fleet can become an image carrier for your company or your municipality.