Charging Stations

Especially public, but also semi-public charging points should be designed attractively to make the charging process of the electric vehicle as pleasant as possible for the user, thats the way electro mobility enthusiasts will be happy to come back.

With our adaptable media screens, this is one of our unique selling points to boost advertisement and revenue for your company.


We not only discuss "where" the desired charging poinnts should be created, but also examine the possibility of increasing the attractiveness.

Does a roof make sense, does it need seating, do you want to provide WiFi, how many trash cans do you need, do you need, do you need toilets or a drinks machine and do you want a monitor for the charging station digitally? But also the signage of the individual charging stations, as well as the charging park and a proper price display should be planned.


In addition to the practical things, your own individuality plays an important role. This makes it possible to adapt the charging infrastructure to your company.

Do you want special colours for the charging stations or parking areas, is there a CD/CI that should be taken into account or do you want special signage? We make all this possible.